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Artist Management

We guide your professional career as an artist in the entertainment industry. Our responsibility as your talent manager is to oversee your day-to-day business affairs; advise and counsel you concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect your career.

Global Music Distribution

Your music — on all the most popular download and streaming sites worldwide including iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, Youtube and Amazon. With 95+ digital distribution partners (and more being added all the time), we’ll get your music for sale in more places than any other music distributor.

Sending Your Music to Blogs

Over the years we have built a strong relationship with bloggers across Nigeria and beyond. We help deliver and get your music featured on multiple blogs. We send your music to over 400 music blogs and be rest assured that you can get your music on 50-100 music blogs within weeks.

Music Press Release

A well-written press release is the first step in getting some attention for your new song or album. We help you draft an industry standard press release and share the news with the media.

Submiting your music to the Radio

We have established a strong rapport with Radio Stations like Ray Power Abuja and more. We can help get your song playing on the Radio within days. Just record that song and we help get it playing on the Radio.

Social Media Marketing

We help create your social media presence and manage it. Help find were your music have appeared online and reshare or retweet it to your fans. With Amen Records be rest assured that your fans stay up to date with all things you!

Mastering of music

Get your music mastered to industry standard so that it can compete with the best of the best. Without a good master, the radio will not play you and the fans will not enjoy your sound. At Amen Records, will help you sound like a pro!

Website Development

We help you create that great website that reflects you; from your newest singles to your latest songs. Fans get to play your music right from your website. Share your gallery with fans and also we will help create an effective way to contact you.

Record Label

As a label we get to offer our services free of charge to artists we believe in. Yeah, you heard me right; we do all the above mentioned at no cost and of course share in the revenue. All you need to do is shoot us a mail via info@amenrecords.com. We will like to hear from you.

How it Works

Our process of helping you as an artiste.
  • 1. You Contact Us

    Alright, this is pretty simple! First, you contact us with a demo of your best work (and by work, we mean song).

  • 2. We Listen to it and get back to you

    This usually takes about two weeks. We listen to your demo and decide if we are going to sign you to our label or we offer our services to you at a charge. This is the point we get back to you on our decision

  • 3. We Reach an Agreement

    If we sign you, we send over a contract for you to sign and send it back to us. After which we begin working on taking your career to the next level. If we do not sign you, we will let you know how much each of our services cost and we will get down to work based on your budget.


    Just sit back and relax and watch your career take a whole new look.

    Our Artistes

    Artistes Signed to Amen Records

    About Us

    A Record Label dedicated to propagating the gospel through music. It's core goal is to find and sign upcoming gospel artist with a great message and delivery. We are constantly on the look for the best unsigned gospel act out there. We find them and give them a platform to be heard.

    Amen Records is the brainchild of African renowned gospel singer, Chika Nwaogu (St. Chika), created as a wholly independent christian music label on November 16th 2017, Amen is home to gospel artistes such as St. Chika, Sir Steve, and Queen Ebere.

    The first album released under the label was Feel the Gospel by St. Chika. The label has recorded hits like Higher, Paid It All, My Mrs. Me, Testimonies, Jeje and many more. With a goal to influence lifestyle and global sound, our fans can be rest assured that there will never be any dip in our quality. Remember, don't just be amazing at what you do, be AMEN at it.
    Chika Nwaogu

    Amen Records is his brainchild.

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